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Bing and WolframAlpha- Another formidable tandem on the way..

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

In this article, Bing Buddies Up With WolframAlpha, Microsoft has secured a deal to give Bing some of the power of the data-driven answer engine Wolfram Alpha. Bing searchers looking for information about things like nutrition or math will be able to see data related to their querries courtesy of Wolfram. Bing has been focusing on growing its market share ever since it emerged as a rebranded and reworked version of Microsoft’s search engine.

By itself, Wolfram Alpha isn’t designed to provide the same kind of information people generally look for when performing a search on a mainstream engine like Google, Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) or Bing. Instead of providing links pertaining to keywords, Wolfram answers questions by computing massive sets of structured data it’s collected. By adding Wolfram Alpha’s capabilities, Microsoft could blend in Wolfram’s knack for hard-core data queries and calculations.

“We will bring nutritional information and tools into Bing’s search results, as well as some straight-up hard math and homework help,” announced Tracey Yao and Pedro Silva in Bing’s blog post on the partnership.

Bing is including Wolfram Alpha’s body mass index interactive form on its results page so users can find out how their body mass ratio compares with the recommended levels. Also, Bing users searching for specific food items will see tabs and labels providing nutrition information about those items. For example, they’ll be able to compare oranges and kiwi fruit to see which has more vitamins. Users who want to learn more about math will be able to use Wolfram Alpha’s ability to solve math functions.

Teaming up with Wolfram Alpha might provide Bing the boost Microsoft is looking for. “One of the issues with Bing is that, since it’s from Microsoft, it isn’t seen as trendy,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told the E-Commerce Times. “Wolfram Alpha is cutting edge and significantly adds to the impression that Bing is something different and should be tried.”


To tell you, I am a big fan of WolframAlpha! Give it a try and you’ll certainly see that this is one hell of an amazing machine; it’s not a usual search engine that indexes webpages, instead it collates structured data from its massive databases, alongside with its very sleek UI. It’s a beautifully designed site that gives you organized factual results on a wide range of scientifical or trivial topics.

And obviously, this is another step for Microsoft to clash with Google. From the last Twitter deal, to this WolframAlpha partnership, they are really doing anything to gain that market share. And I have to applaud them for this, for they are making our search experience richer with Bing.  Kudos!

Posted by: Uij Dollosa