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Do Better in Less Time!!!! (Read this friends)

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I started to take a break with a lot of very technical E-commerce stuff, and focus on something that I want to share with you guys, so we could all be productive during the very busy weeks ahead of us.

I wanted to blog about Getting Things Done, a school of practice that Sir Paul introduced to us last year in one of his workshops. It’s all about having a productive and stress-free lifestyle in dealing with tasks at work.

I have the official book about it, written by David Allen, and found out that it was extremely simple yet highly useful. I wanted to spread the word to you folks in a very un-adult manner..

I stumbled upon this great article, Getting Things Done for College Students: The Full System, and found out a simpler approach to GTD that will appeal to all of us. Kindly, browse through the link for the full article and see for yourselves!

Ok, here are my take-away points from the article:

1. There are 3 main steps: Collecting, Processing, Reviewing.

2. In Collecting, the main goal is to empty your mind with all of the things that you need to get done (speaking of Documentation). You have to store all of these into classified bins for you to look at in the Processing stage.

3. In Processing, the main goal is to do the things you have collected inside your bins in a very systematic manner. The article shows a clear method in doing this.

  1. Decide if the action requires action on your part. If it doesn’t, either discard it or, if it’s something you need to hold on to, file it. Otherwise…
  2. Identify the specific next action required by this item. If it requires more than one action then identify the first of these actions and make a note of the bigger project on your projects list. If this action can be completed in two minutes or less, do it right now. Otherwise…
  3. If the action needs to be completed on or by a given date, record it on this date in your calendar. Otherwise…
  4. Record the action on your next actions list.

4. And finally Reviewing, is sort of a tracking mechanism of your Collecting and Processing. It monitors your milestones, and what you still need to get done in three time frames: Daily, Weekly, and Semester.

I can’t elaborate on all of these here, so guys please check out the article to inform yourselves. I hope you’ll find it very useful! GTD rocks!

Posted by: Uij Dollosa