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Markets are conversations!

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is a slideshare, that will enlighten you folks on the truth about the Cluetrain Manifesto! The 95 theses seem to be very comical, but underlying it are the wittiest lines dismantling the traditional corporate media. And here is the manifestation- filled with facts and figures, studies and testimonials, that’ll certainly remind you about the greatness of the Cluetrain. Happy 10th Birthday!

I Am The Media

View more presentations from Alain Thys.

And here are the key-points that I’ve picked up (totally similar to Cluetrain’s)

1. Less people are trusting advertisements, mass media isn’t credible nowadays.

2. People trust humans, the market have the best salespersons. We trust our friends, friends of friends, the community of consumers – the market itself.

3. Word of mouth is the most powerful media.

4. The web is paving the way for markets to ‘tell their stories’; companies must let the people tell their stories. Companies should also make the stories fun to share with, something the people really care about, so they could voice it out into the conversations.

5. We are the media. We give meaning to what the companies really deliver to the markets. We are the most credible. We trust ourselves, others trust us, we trust them. Markets are indeed the conversations itself.

Posted by: Uij Dollosa