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Free for all Folks!

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

From an article/review from, “NiftyClicks: Apture, Fawnt, One-Time Offers, YouConvertIt” by Andrew Lock, he shares 3 invaluable freeware apps that can invariably help with your schoolwork, hobby or even your business.

These are the following:

1. Apture

It’s a free service that allows you to quickly find and include images, videos, maps and music into your content.

The service works with Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Drupal. I think you’ll like it, so check it out.

This is really an all-in-one multimedia tool for blogs. Video, audio, photo, etcetera – all of which are scoped under Apture, giving your readers/viewers the richest experience that they could have.

2.  Fawnt

Well, one of my favorite graphic design resources for fonts is called Fawnt. There’re always about 50 featured fonts on the home page, but the site actually hosts around 10,000 in total and — get this — they’re all available for free.

Alas! A useful tool for creating stand-out logos, images, and even advertisements. Free, fun, font-filled!

3. YouConvertIt

The really great part is the site converts over 120 of the most common formats of documents – audio, video, images, MP3 to WAV, Word document to PDF, Quicktime movie to Flash – it handles all of those, and it does it really quickly.

Great web app for converting your documents with ease. This is a must-try!

So there you go, try and let your productivity levels rise!