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ASK and You Shall Receive..

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

From the article, “ Has a Deal for You”, the┬ásearch engine wants to be the destination to find coupons and other online deals.

“There are lots of sites for coupons and deals but they vary in quality and we’re seeing consumers confused about where to go,” Scott Garell, president of Ask Networks, told

Ask’s solution is Ask Deals an aggregated “one-stop shop” of coupons and deals that launched today with over a million coupons and discount offers. Garell said Ask Deals scours almost all of the top 40 coupon sites as well as various community sites to find the best deals.

The main search site also now has a “deal$” option so you can search right in the box you might otherwise use for more conventional searches. Ask Deals uses the company’s “Deal Detector” technology to scan millions of online promotions, store circulars, and nearly 40 of the top coupon sites.

Consumers can also get a specially selected “Deal of the Day” streamed right to their home page if they choose an Ask Deals homepage skin. also identifies the IP address to present local deals.

Garell said ‘Deals’ fits with’s mission to provide answers. “With other sites, you as the user have to do all the work, we just give you the answer, not a sea of blue links,” he said.


In the midst of the worldwide economic downturn, ideas and projects like this is of great relief and aid to all the consumers out there. As we aim for frugality, we also search for money-saving offers, and this is manifested in our fondness for interest coupons which will cut our shopping costs and other personal expenses. And the good thing about this innovation, it’ll be available on the net!