This is why I love Google..

From my previous post, I shared about building charismatic brands.. So why not blog about the most charismatic brand out there?.. (well at least for me and the other million fanatics out there) Lo and behold, GOOGLE!

You heard it right.. Google is the internet, and perhaps, the software giant now! You got to agree with me on this.. 🙂

Maybe you’ve already heard of it being the “Best Company to Work for”, but the company is beyond its culture and philosophy – it has already became one of the best brands in the world, in a span of less than a decade.

This ppt explains it all.. got it again from slideshare..

All about Google

View more documents from Ouriel Ohayon.

What the slides informed us were amazing.. Some of my take-away points:

1.  450 modifications on its PageRank algorithm in 2007 alone?

2. OpenSocial vs Facebook – brilliant idea to tap the “meta-social” network.

3. Google buying satellites!

4. Consistency at its best – Don’t be Evil. They continue to provide open-source tools, exploring different profit models. Some indirectly profit, but one thing is for sure: they really are sincere with sharing the culture of innovation to the community, despite the absence of the proprietary business model.

Yeah, they are really getting stronger in spite of the economic downturn. They still focus on their main strength, search. But they never cease to blaze new trails in different areas: mobile, web, infrastructure, networking, and they also explore different markets, including the worldwide developer community.

With their unending passion for perfection, there will be always something to look forward to them. Something that keeps us excited, what’s the next big thing?

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