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Revenue really rhymes with Preview..

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In this article, What Do Online Book Browsers Want?, shows that online previews of e-books and digital texts lead to more sales — with romance novels topping the list of the genres most perused online — according to the wireless periodical delivery firm LibreDigital. One big takeaway: previews increase sales.

“We know that allowing readers to preview book chapters before buying has a positive impact on both print and e-book sales,” LibreDigital CEO Russell Reeder said in a statement. “In the case of one well-known book publisher, one in three people who browsed decided to purchase the book online. As a result, leading publishers are increasing their use of online previews when planning promotional campaigns for both new and existing book titles.”

It also appears the online book browser is typically very engaged. The average reader spends more than 15 minutes browsing a book, and previews an average of 46 pages of each book they browse, according to LibreDigital.

With the meteoric rise expected for the e-book and e-reader market, such trends may mean a bigger payday for all the vendors flocking to the sector, which includes Amazon with the ever-expanding Kindle familySony with the Reader Daily Edition and iRex Technologies’ new device, to know who the digital bookworms are and what they want.


I may have to agree to the study here. I for myself find a book interesting the time I preview, or even simply skim it content, both online and inside bookstores. In fact, I always spend time inside book stores and shops in every mall visit to check out new releases and best-sellers. On the other hand, when browsing, particularly in Google Books, I find it very useful that the search features is tied up into the book previews. In this way, I get to feel the book, and even sometimes, find answers in the previews themselves. No wonder they are a giant in promotions and advertising.

The article will be a helpful hint to those who want to enter into the ebook market. Especially now, that every possible information can be found on the web, and the reality of web being the biggest marketplace in the world.

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Do Better in Less Time!!!! (Read this friends)

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I started to take a break with a lot of very technical E-commerce stuff, and focus on something that I want to share with you guys, so we could all be productive during the very busy weeks ahead of us.

I wanted to blog about Getting Things Done, a school of practice that Sir Paul introduced to us last year in one of his workshops. It’s all about having a productive and stress-free lifestyle in dealing with tasks at work.

I have the official book about it, written by David Allen, and found out that it was extremely simple yet highly useful. I wanted to spread the word to you folks in a very un-adult manner..

I stumbled upon this great article, Getting Things Done for College Students: The Full System, and found out a simpler approach to GTD that will appeal to all of us. Kindly, browse through the link for the full article and see for yourselves!

Ok, here are my take-away points from the article:

1. There are 3 main steps: Collecting, Processing, Reviewing.

2. In Collecting, the main goal is to empty your mind with all of the things that you need to get done (speaking of Documentation). You have to store all of these into classified bins for you to look at in the Processing stage.

3. In Processing, the main goal is to do the things you have collected inside your bins in a very systematic manner. The article shows a clear method in doing this.

  1. Decide if the action requires action on your part. If it doesn’t, either discard it or, if it’s something you need to hold on to, file it. Otherwise…
  2. Identify the specific next action required by this item. If it requires more than one action then identify the first of these actions and make a note of the bigger project on your projects list. If this action can be completed in two minutes or less, do it right now. Otherwise…
  3. If the action needs to be completed on or by a given date, record it on this date in your calendar. Otherwise…
  4. Record the action on your next actions list.

4. And finally Reviewing, is sort of a tracking mechanism of your Collecting and Processing. It monitors your milestones, and what you still need to get done in three time frames: Daily, Weekly, and Semester.

I can’t elaborate on all of these here, so guys please check out the article to inform yourselves. I hope you’ll find it very useful! GTD rocks!

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Tweeting for a cause!

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From the article, Twitter and Amateur Vintners Mash Up for Charity, Twitter is rounding up a gang of winemakers — potentially tens of millions of them, to collaborate online for the benefit of a pro-literacy nonprofit organization.

The project is a partnership with Crushpad, a company that lets lovers of the grape create their own barrels of wine.

While others have used Twitter to raise money for or attention to various issues, the project, which launches Thursday, is the first official attempt by Twitter as a company to raise money for a cause, said Twitter spokesperson Jenna Sampson.

“It’s definitely an experiment,” said Michael Brill, president and CEO of Crushpad, the winery teaming with Twitter and the pro-literacy group Room to Read.

The project began after a few Twitter employees got involved with Crushpad, a facility that allows enthusiasts to create their own barrels of wine without having to own a vineyard. Crushpad, which like Twitter and Room to Read is based in San Francisco, provides grapes, equipment, expertise, storage and bottling.

“It became apparent pretty quickly that we could probably create a wine, great wine, sell it for a relatively low price, and take some chunk of the proceeds and send it to Room to Read,” Brill said.

“It’s winemaking, which is usually for us a four or five person endeavor, mixed with Twitter, which is a tens of millions person endeavor,” said Brill. “What happens when you push those things together? I’m hoping we just average the two customer  bases,” he said with a laugh.

Grapes for the new wine already have been trucked into the Crushpad facility and are in the process of being crushed and fermented. Once the project begins, there will be a Twitter account “(at)fledgling” where followers can get updates on the grapes’ progress.

Early next year, there will be a barrel tasting — in San Francisco and at remote locations using mailed samples — with tasters tweeting their opinions. The finished wine — just how many cases is still to be determined — will sell for US$20 a bottle, with $5 of that going to Room to Read.

“We’re excited,” says Room to Read founder John Wood. “Our team and their team together making wine — it’s a way to have a lot of fun and it’s a way to create a lot of libraries at the same time.”


I salute Twitter for bringing up this noble endeavor! Literacy, especially reading, is one of the most important skills the youth have to be equipped with, and Twitter’s stepping up to support this cause is a huge milestone, for it fulfills its Corporate Social Responsibility to greater extents.

Teaming up with two noteworthy companies: Crushpad(the wine company), and Room to Read (the beneficiary), they have capitalized not only on the power of the micro-blogging platform, but also to the great interest of the networked market of Twitter on wine-making, to realize a worthy objective of buying books to teach reading.

That’s what I could call, “Hitting three birds in one stone!” Twweeet Twweeet!

The Google-Microsoft rivalry on a Twitter acquisition battle.

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

In a recent article, “Google, Microsoft and Twitter’s Golden Egg”, Google and Microsoft are reportedly in separate talks with Twitter with the goal of licensing the microblogging site’s rich store of data.

The potential deal structures could be anything from up-front payments to revenue-sharing schemes, according to All Things Digital.

For their part, Google and Microsoft could receive access to a treasure trove of data. For Microsoft in particular, with its recently launched Bing, it could mean an important leg-up in the search engine wars.

“These sites are most interested in what people are talking about,” said Dan Rayburn, principal analyst in Frost & Sullivan’s digital media practice. “What are the hot topics of the moment?”

It’s possible Google wants to launch a similar service as part of its ever-growing portfolio of free apps, Ken Saunders, president of Search Engine Experts speculated.  It’s also questionable how seriously Microsoft is considering a deal with Twitter.

“Google has a lot of applications that it does not charge for,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

“I would guess Microsoft is involved either because it has gone into reactionary mode, or because it wants to drive up the price for Google,” Saunders said.

Being able to better target advertising is another reason Google and Microsoft might be intent on licensing the technology, suggested Jeffrey Johnson, a partner with Pryor Cashman.

Whatever form a licensing deal might take — and for whatever purpose — the transaction would sit nicely on top of several bubbling Web 2.0 trends, starting with the microblogging frenzy led by the seemingly unpierceable Twitter.


Haha! As expected, not long will be the time where Twitter will be under this kinds of negotiation, due to the reason that it has no profit model! Since it isn’t monetizable,  it is a perfect target for the two software giants now aiming for the dominance on the internet. It’s real-time collection of pertinent data is a great propeller for their respective search engines: Google Search and Bing.

For me, it’s also another ploy for Microsoft to disrupt Google’s strong momentum. It’s all about market share – the theme of the two giant’s exciting rivalry. We’ll see what happens next. 🙂

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ASK and You Shall Receive..

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

From the article, “ Has a Deal for You”, the search engine wants to be the destination to find coupons and other online deals.

“There are lots of sites for coupons and deals but they vary in quality and we’re seeing consumers confused about where to go,” Scott Garell, president of Ask Networks, told

Ask’s solution is Ask Deals an aggregated “one-stop shop” of coupons and deals that launched today with over a million coupons and discount offers. Garell said Ask Deals scours almost all of the top 40 coupon sites as well as various community sites to find the best deals.

The main search site also now has a “deal$” option so you can search right in the box you might otherwise use for more conventional searches. Ask Deals uses the company’s “Deal Detector” technology to scan millions of online promotions, store circulars, and nearly 40 of the top coupon sites.

Consumers can also get a specially selected “Deal of the Day” streamed right to their home page if they choose an Ask Deals homepage skin. also identifies the IP address to present local deals.

Garell said ‘Deals’ fits with’s mission to provide answers. “With other sites, you as the user have to do all the work, we just give you the answer, not a sea of blue links,” he said.


In the midst of the worldwide economic downturn, ideas and projects like this is of great relief and aid to all the consumers out there. As we aim for frugality, we also search for money-saving offers, and this is manifested in our fondness for interest coupons which will cut our shopping costs and other personal expenses. And the good thing about this innovation, it’ll be available on the net!

Free for all Folks!

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From an article/review from, “NiftyClicks: Apture, Fawnt, One-Time Offers, YouConvertIt” by Andrew Lock, he shares 3 invaluable freeware apps that can invariably help with your schoolwork, hobby or even your business.

These are the following:

1. Apture

It’s a free service that allows you to quickly find and include images, videos, maps and music into your content.

The service works with Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Drupal. I think you’ll like it, so check it out.

This is really an all-in-one multimedia tool for blogs. Video, audio, photo, etcetera – all of which are scoped under Apture, giving your readers/viewers the richest experience that they could have.

2.  Fawnt

Well, one of my favorite graphic design resources for fonts is called Fawnt. There’re always about 50 featured fonts on the home page, but the site actually hosts around 10,000 in total and — get this — they’re all available for free.

Alas! A useful tool for creating stand-out logos, images, and even advertisements. Free, fun, font-filled!

3. YouConvertIt

The really great part is the site converts over 120 of the most common formats of documents – audio, video, images, MP3 to WAV, Word document to PDF, Quicktime movie to Flash – it handles all of those, and it does it really quickly.

Great web app for converting your documents with ease. This is a must-try!

So there you go, try and let your productivity levels rise!

Uh-oh Facebook..

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In an article, “Facebook Hit With New Spyware Scam”, it has been reported that Facebook, on Thursday, was hit with yet another spyware attack – Hackers bypassed the social networking site’s captchas to create new accounts at will.

This time hackers managed to crack the security captchas — the words or letter combinations that users are asked to retype when registering — to create new Facebook accounts designed to steal users’ account and personal information.

Facebook spokesman Simon Axten told the social-networking site is working to identify all the bogus accounts in order to disable them en masse.

“The URL contained in the profiles has already been blacklisted by the major Web browsers and blocked from being shared on Facebook,” he said. “We’re looking into how these accounts were created, but it’s very likely that the sign-up process was manual, or that the person behind the attack farmed out the captchas to be solved by humans for a price.”

Security software vendor Websense last month reported that 95 percent of user-generated comments on blogs, message boards and chatrooms are spam or contain links to malicious code.

“On the education front, we encourage users not to click on strange links and to take appropriate steps if they feel their computer or Facebook account has been compromised, Axten said.


Ok, so much for this unethical hacking. We, Facebook users, have no control whatsoever in the propagation of these accounts, or a direct concern to the bypassing motives of other cyberusers. But that does not mean that we have to condone this apathy.

We can do our fair share for a much safer and better social networking lifestyle. As a quote above said, it is very crucial to practice secure internet surfing. By this, I mean that we should be aware of malicious links, mysterious advertisements, spam, or even unsecure websites. Our system also have to be equipped with antivirus and antispyware tools to combat this scams. Let’s do our part in upholding ethical browsing and let not be our intent to place the networked market into a grave state of net anarchy.

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This is why I love Google..

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From my previous post, I shared about building charismatic brands.. So why not blog about the most charismatic brand out there?.. (well at least for me and the other million fanatics out there) Lo and behold, GOOGLE!

You heard it right.. Google is the internet, and perhaps, the software giant now! You got to agree with me on this.. 🙂

Maybe you’ve already heard of it being the “Best Company to Work for”, but the company is beyond its culture and philosophy – it has already became one of the best brands in the world, in a span of less than a decade.

This ppt explains it all.. got it again from slideshare..

All about Google

View more documents from Ouriel Ohayon.

What the slides informed us were amazing.. Some of my take-away points:

1.  450 modifications on its PageRank algorithm in 2007 alone?

2. OpenSocial vs Facebook – brilliant idea to tap the “meta-social” network.

3. Google buying satellites!

4. Consistency at its best – Don’t be Evil. They continue to provide open-source tools, exploring different profit models. Some indirectly profit, but one thing is for sure: they really are sincere with sharing the culture of innovation to the community, despite the absence of the proprietary business model.

Yeah, they are really getting stronger in spite of the economic downturn. They still focus on their main strength, search. But they never cease to blaze new trails in different areas: mobile, web, infrastructure, networking, and they also explore different markets, including the worldwide developer community.

With their unending passion for perfection, there will be always something to look forward to them. Something that keeps us excited, what’s the next big thing?

Redefining Brands..

October 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I stumbled upon one of the most favorited ppt presentations on slideshare. Very insightful yet entertaining. I want to spread the word, so please leaf through the slides, which I’m sure you’ll be able to finish till the end.. it says it all, here goes..

See.. it was jam-packed with useful things..

Some pointers:

1. The market (the networked individuals) defines the brand, not the company. We are intuitive and emotional beings. It’s all about gut feel. Kudos to the Cluetrain Manifesto!

2. Trust = Reliability + Delight

3. There must be a bridge between Logic (Left-brain, Strategy) and Magic (Right-Brain, Creativity) to produce charismatic brands.

4. And the 5 key disciplines of branding – Differentiation, Collaboration, Innovation, Validation, and Cultivation.