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Weaving the silk threads of Web 2.0: Simplifythis.com

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My fondness for the current trend of the dotcom era, Web 2.0, is singing on a glad note when I discovered this kick-ass website:  http://www.go2web20.net/

Showcased here is a vast collection of Web 2.0 apps and tools, some are on the rise, some have already reached mainstream attention.

One day, while I was curious about the concept of E-tailing, I stumpled upon this interesting service which I found on the site..


As the domain implies, its main service is simplifying online payments and appointment scheduling, using their Easy-Bill and Easy-Book features.

To further elaborate its benefits, here is an excerpt from a user interview…

“I like getting paid faster. Because I invoice as project work is completed I get paid faster. Also, it’s great that clients can pay through PayPal or Amazon Payments.”

-Andrew Bartelt (AB Computer Solutions, Computer & Network Assistance for the Houston, TX)

He used Easy-Bill online invoicing to keep track of his clients and their contact information, track items and hours and invoice immediately as projects get completed. Now, with the new iPhone app, it’s even easier for him to invoice people quickly which means he gets his money faster. His clients liked it too – they hire him more because they know the status of their projects and can plan for more things.

With the quick invoicing and Paypal integration, bills are automatically updated when they are paid. Coupled with security, support, and simplicity of UI, Simplifythis is a surefire way to track and manage online transactions with clients.  Grow the business, save time and money, and boost your professional image- try Simplifythis.com


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