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Heroku Deployment Saga: Chapter 1

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

At the onset of our VERTSOL class, Sir Paul has tasked us to deploy a Rails app in Heroku. Inspired by last year’s feat of J3 in deploying Spree, I didn’t waste time in attempting to explore Heroku deployment for myself…

Then I stumbled on this site..

open source rails screenshot

With this, I was able to browse through some of the coolest Rails apps being developed by the community. Everything was open source, and each app provided direct links on how to download the API and source code. (Majority is stored on github).

I was opting initially to deploy an app with popular media as its content. And behold, I reached this particularly amusing site..


AloneTone. This is a budding site for musicians everywhere. They can upload their audio samples, join forums, download tracks, share resources with other users, and interact into the site’s community.

I tried to listen inside the Favorites section. And the quality of the artists joining this site is unexpectedly astonishing. I was awed with some of the acoustic and ambient music genres present there.

And so here I am, planning. My first directive is to learn the basics – Rails, deployment, Heroku IDE, MVC’s, forking, API tweaking, etc.. Also searching on web tutorials and downloading e-books on relevant topics..

All I have now are high hopes of integrating AloneTone into Heroku. With this, I could be able to gain for them mainstream popularity, thus allowing them to expand their awesome services. A very promising app, and I am deeply challenged to be a part of a perhaps, the next-big-thing after iTunes and imeem. And besides, a 4.0 grade incentive is rewarding as well. The blend of music and codes is what fuels me to continue this worthy effort.

Anyhow, I have just started and have no contingency plans yet. Good thing, no one is  on the verge of deploying it to Heroku – making me a breakthrough if I am able to accomplish this. I am also exploring other cool open source Rails apps that I could focus on in case risks emerge from hereon.

Till then, I’m still on the saga.

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